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CML DEVELOPMENT LIMITED is based in Hong Kong, engaging manufacturing and development of the computer accessories and security systems products. The company's mission is to provide quality products to exceed the limitation of today's market and position itself as tomorrow's source for innovative application.

CML develops and markets a comprehensive line of computer accessories and security systems, such as total wireless solution of computer mouse and keyboard,flash memory,USB memory, MP3, digital camera,card reader/writer, DVR(digital video recorder by hard disc for security system), wire and wireless security camera(CMOS and CCD), and services designed to meet the changing demands and requirements of today's technology landscape. The company 's complete line of the products solutions includes feature and service options to meet any customer's need.

In its quest for growth and increasing market share, CML is always standing in the same boat with customers. Thinking much of customer service and aims to treat each customer's benefit as its own, CML will continue to focus on developing and upholding long-standing trust and confidence with customers and partners.
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