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Model: AD 596

USB Power Adapter


This specification defines the performance characteristic ofAC/DC switching adaptor. The adaptor must comply with all the requirements of the specifications and   drawing herein. The requirements can be subject to revision in the future discussion.

2. Electrical Performance and Tests

2.1. Input

Voltage: AC100V ~240V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Input  Current:  500mA(Max) @90Vac/ 50HZ with full Load

Inrush Current:≦50A  at cold start, 240Vac/50Hz, full load, ambient 25℃.

No load Power Consumption (Off Mode):≦0.075 Watts At 230Vac/50Hz, ambient   25℃

Rating Input load power: <17W

Starting Time:  <3S@100VAC Io=100%  & (<1S@240VAC Io=100%)

2.2. Output

Parameter: 5V DC

Minimum: 4.75V

Nominal: 5V

Maximum: 5.40V

Parameter: 5V DC Current

Minimum: 0mA

Maximum: 3400mA

Ripple voltage @ 0-3400mA    at 100VAC/ 60Hz.   ≤150mVpp

2.3. Hi-pot Test

3000 Vac, 5mA,  3 Sec
Between Primary   and Secondary circuit and chassis.

2.4. Insulation Resistance

500Vdc, 1 minute between Primary and Secondary circuit and chassis,
IR should  ≧20MΩ.

3. Mechanical Tests and Requirements

Drop height: 1.0m above 50mm hardwood.

Method: Total 10 times. Drop one time for each of the 4 case surfaces.

Expected result: After drop test, the unit should still operate properly.
Small nick orslight deformation may be accepted.

4. Environmental Conditions

4.1. Operating Temperature

0 ℃ ~ + 40℃

4.2. Storage Temperature

-20℃ ~ + 80℃

4.3. Humidity

90%RH Non-condensing

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